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Ongoing projects

Old projects

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From the old to the Young:


This project aims at creating booklets and material for Abruzzese learning, o be distributed in schools, with the aim of checking the residual knowledge of the language in children and improving it.

PI: me (in collaboration with Francesco Avolio and Anna Rita Severini)

I racconti di Miglianico is now out!

Splitting and Clustering Grammatical Information


This is a 5-year project focusing on a striking parallelism between two macro-groups of languages: southern Italian dialects and the so-called split-ergative languages, like Basque, Georgian, Dyirbal, Hindi/Urdu.


PI: me

PhD students: Giuseppe Torcolacci and Laura Migliori


Associated members: Claudio Di Felice, Irene Franco and Sara Lusini


The project website is here.

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Maps & Grammar

NWO Vrije Competitie

Maps and Grammar is a research project examining the relation between linguistic properties of languages and their distribution in regional variants and dialects. The project runs from 2013 to 2018. The main part of the project work takes part at the Meertens Institute in Amsterdam.


PIs: Sjef Barbiers and Marc van Oostendorp

Project members: Hans Bennis, Gertjan Postma, John Nerbonne, and me

PhD students and postdocs: Lotte Hendriks, Nina Ouddeken, Edoardo Cavirani, Erik Tjong Kim Sang 


The project website is here.

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Abruzzese Data Crowdsourcing


This is an interactive website for dialect data crowdsourcing. It will make speakers part of their language documentation enterprise.


The website is almost ready. Stay tuned!


PIs: Bettina Speckmann and me

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