Selected talks

2020  The ranking of internal and external factors in heritage language syntactic change (with Andriani, Frasson, Van Osch, Sorgini & Terenghi). GLOW 43.

2019 *Documentare la diversità linguistica. L’uso di internet nelle inchieste linguistiche sulle minoranze. Diversity and Inclusion. Overcoming Fragmentation. Bologna, 21-23 February 2019. 

2018  On phasal domains and the difference between subject and object clitics (with Jan Casalicchio and Francesco Ciconte). Poster presented at GLOW 41, Budapest, 10-14 April 2018. [pdf]

2018  Magnetic Grammar (with Marc van Oostendorp). Workshop on Parallels between Phonology

and Syntax. Merteens Instituut, Amsterdam, 9 July 2018. [video]

2018  The feel-like construction in Eastern Abruzzese (with Luana Sorgini). CIDSM 13, Messina, 2-4 July 2018. [.pdf]

2018  * Microcontact: How to take synchrony, diachrony, and sociolinguistics into account when

studying variation. Transdisciplinary Approaches to Language Variation. Tromsoe, 19-20 April 2018 [.pptx]

2018  * Crowdsourcing data: what's good and what's bad about it. Lorentz Workshop on Citizen Science Lab. Sampling Language and Culture. Leiden, 4 April 2018. [.pptx]

2017  *Interactive maps for linguistic data Crowdsourcing. Pros and Cons. Geographic Information Systems and Social Networks. Consequences for the Study of Linguistic Variation. Barcelona, 30 November 2017.

2017  *When variation is built in the system. Biolinguistics Conference on Interface Asymmetries. New York University, 10-12 November 2017. 

2017  Why linguistics?  On the importance of linguistic variation as a means to understand the human mind. ICUB, Bucharest, 10 October 2017. [.pdf]

2017  Magnetic grammar. When variation is built in the system, with Marc van Oostendorp. Bucharest, 11 October 2017. [.pdf]

2017  The achievements of Generative Grammar. A time chart (and some considerations) [.ppt]     

2016  Why phonology is not that different, with Marc van Oostendorp. Syntax Interface lecture series, Utrecht, 6 June 2016.

2016  *Floating Features in Syntax: Person, Deixis and Agreement in Italo-Romance. LSRL 46 (Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages), University of New York at Stony Brook, March 31-April 3, 2016. [pdf]

2016  *Floating phi.  Linguistic Variation in the Interaction between Internal and External Syntax. University of Utrecht, 8-9 February 2016.

2015  Dati dialettali e teoria linguistica. University of Palermo, April. [prezi]

2015  *When imperfections are perfect. Narrow Syntax from the point of view of Italian  varieties. Keynote lecture, Going Romance 2014, University of Lisbon, December. [pptx]

2014  *Narrowing down Narrow Syntax: Italo-Romance varieties compared. Keynote lectureCurrent Issues in Syntactic Variation conference, University of Bucharest, November. 

2014  I vocativi centro-meridionali: fonosintassi ed architettura del linguaggio. Workshop: Fenomeni grammaticali sul confine mediano-alto meridionale, Università della Tuscia,Viterbo, [handout] 

2014  Syntactic domains at PF, PF domains in syntax. Interaction of grammatical building blocks (IGRA) lecture series, University of Leipzig, 21 May 2014. [handout]

2013  Person-oriented phenomena. Workshop on Personal Pronouns,  Utrecht, 13 November 2013. [handout]

2013  *‘Microvariation and Syntactic theory. Keynote lecture, Workshop on the syntactic variation of Catalan and Spanish dialects. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 26-28 June 2013. [handout]

2013  Syntactic feature mapping to PF: Phonology for φ, prosody for discourse. Syntax UilOTS. Utrecht University, 6 May 2013.

2013  Phi features for syntax, edge features for prosody. Insights into the Syntax-PF interface. With Marc van Oostendorp. GLUEII Workshop on Complement(ation). Rome3 University, Rome, 29 April 2013. [handout]

2013  Parameterized v. A typology of Italian dialects. Workshop on Italian Dialects and Syntactic Theory. Leiden, 28 February 2013.

2012  Merging Probes and the locus of syntactic variation. MIT LingLunch, 25 October 2012. [handout]

2012  Subject clitics and person-driven auxiliary selection: two faces of the same coin. Yale Linguistic Colloquium. 22 October 2012.

2012  Abruzzese metaphony between phonology and the lexicon. Giornata di studi sui Dialetti abruzzesi. Arielli, 5 October 2012.

2012  *An external look at ergativity. Invited lecture. 1st Cambridge Comparative Syntax Workshop, Cambridge University, 18-19 May 2012.

2012  Chunk definition and PIC à la carte (with Tobias Scheer). Invited lecture. Workshop on Exploring the Interfaces 1: word structure, McGill University 6-8 May 2012.

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