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2023 Microcontact, microdiachrony, microvariation.The view on DOM. REEDS Workshop, Amsterdam, 30 June

2023 Microcontact - 5 years later. AcqVA Guest Lecture, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Tromso,  3 March 2023.

2023 Honorifics and Agreement. The view from Romance. CHAMP workshop, University College London, 20-21 January 2023.

2022 Change in contact and change in diachrony. Two faces of the same coin? ICTLL 2022, University of Lahore, 28 November 2022.

2022 Is a unified theory of language change possible?  Some answers from Microcontact. Department of Linguistics Colloquium, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 22 November 2022.

2022 Change in contact and change in diachrony: are they the same? The view from microcontact. Romance Heritage Languages seminar, Zürich University, 14 November 2022.

2022 Change in contact is not accelerated spontaneous change (with Mike Putnam & Silvia Terenghi). HLS3, Paris, 21-22 October 2022.

2022 Is DOM syntactic? Yes it is! SinFonIJa, 22-24 September 2022.

2022 DOM as a key to understanding language change. Argument Structure and Alternations in Italo-Romance varieties Workshop, 16 September 2022.

2022 Case, alignment, agreement and information structure. The role of DOM in language change. CGG31, Palma de Mallorca, 1-2 June.

2022 Why verb movement? Insights from heritage languages. Workshop in honor of Gertjan Postma, Meertens Instituut, 20 May.

2022 Predicting the output of language change in contact. Some thoughts on complexification and simplification. Romance Linguistics Colloquium LKR at the University of Cologne, 26 April

2022 Ergativity, phi-agreement and alignment -When things start going Accusative. Morpho-Syn Syndicate Speaker Series, Penn State University (with Pritha Chandra), 25 April

2022 Predicting the output of language contact: the view from microcontact. Workshop: Language and Migration, University of Catania, 24 February

2021 When formal and functional converge: topicality in heritage languages. Invited talk, New perspectives on (morpho)syntactic variation in Germanic and Romance varieties: Combining functional-quantitative with formal-theoretical approaches, University of Zurich

2021 Doing Romance linguistics. Invited talk, Romance grammars, context and contact workshop (RGCC2021), 24-26 March

2021 Crossing phasal domains. Linguistic Seminar at Chinese University of Hong Kong, 16 March

2021 Contact, language change and topicality. Some thoughts. Morphology and syntax workshop, Chicago University, 12 March

2021 Rethinking language change. Hamburg University, 16 February

2021 Microcontact: exploring change in contact from the Italo-Romance perspective. Heritage Languages and Multilingualism Day. University of Insubria, 10 February.

2021 What microcontact tells us about language. Discovering Linguistics Linguistic Discovery series, Ghent University, 8 February [video]

2021 Tackling change in contact: The microcontact perspective. Parametric networks of language variation workshop, UAB, 13 January.

2020 Microcontact: Language Change in Contact from a Microvariational Perspective. ABraLin ao Vivo lecture series, 4 November [video] 

2020 Microcontact and linking: what different perspective on change tell us about language, URPP Language and Space Colloquium, Zürich University, 24 September.

2020 The ranking of internal and external factors in heritage language syntactic change (with Andriani, Frasson, Van Osch, Sorgini & Terenghi). GLOW 43.

2019 *Documentare la diversità linguistica. L’uso di internet nelle inchieste linguistiche sulle minoranze. Diversity and Inclusion. Overcoming Fragmentation. Bologna, 21-23 February 2019. 

2018  On phasal domains and the difference between subject and object clitics (with Jan Casalicchio and Francesco Ciconte). Poster presented at GLOW 41, Budapest, 10-14 April 2018. [pdf]

2018  Magnetic Grammar (with Marc van Oostendorp). Workshop on Parallels between Phonology

and Syntax. Merteens Instituut, Amsterdam, 9 July 2018. [video]

2018  The feel-like construction in Eastern Abruzzese (with Luana Sorgini). CIDSM 13, Messina, 2-4 July 2018. [.pdf]

2018  * Microcontact: How to take synchrony, diachrony, and sociolinguistics into account when

studying variation. Transdisciplinary Approaches to Language Variation. Tromsoe, 19-20 April 2018 [.pptx]

2018  * Crowdsourcing data: what's good and what's bad about it. Lorentz Workshop on Citizen Science Lab. Sampling Language and Culture. Leiden, 4 April 2018. [.pptx]

2017  *Interactive maps for linguistic data Crowdsourcing. Pros and Cons. Geographic Information Systems and Social Networks. Consequences for the Study of Linguistic Variation. Barcelona, 30 November 2017.

2017  *When variation is built in the system. Biolinguistics Conference on Interface Asymmetries. New York University, 10-12 November 2017. 

2017  Why linguistics?  On the importance of linguistic variation as a means to understand the human mind. ICUB, Bucharest, 10 October 2017. [.pdf]

2017  Magnetic grammar. When variation is built in the system, with Marc van Oostendorp. Bucharest, 11 October 2017. [.pdf]

2017  The achievements of Generative Grammar. A time chart (and some considerations) [.ppt]     

2016  Why phonology is not that different, with Marc van Oostendorp. Syntax Interface lecture series, Utrecht, 6 June 2016.

2016  *Floating Features in Syntax: Person, Deixis and Agreement in Italo-Romance. LSRL 46 (Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages), University of New York at Stony Brook, March 31-April 3, 2016. [pdf]

2016  *Floating phi.  Linguistic Variation in the Interaction between Internal and External Syntax. University of Utrecht, 8-9 February 2016.

2015  Dati dialettali e teoria linguistica. University of Palermo, April. [prezi]

2015  *When imperfections are perfect. Narrow Syntax from the point of view of Italian  varieties. Keynote lecture, Going Romance 2014, University of Lisbon, December. [pptx]

2014  *Narrowing down Narrow Syntax: Italo-Romance varieties compared. Keynote lectureCurrent Issues in Syntactic Variation conference, University of Bucharest, November. 

2014  I vocativi centro-meridionali: fonosintassi ed architettura del linguaggio. Workshop: Fenomeni grammaticali sul confine mediano-alto meridionale, Università della Tuscia,Viterbo, [handout] 

2014  Syntactic domains at PF, PF domains in syntax. Interaction of grammatical building blocks (IGRA) lecture series, University of Leipzig, 21 May 2014. [handout]

2013  Person-oriented phenomena. Workshop on Personal Pronouns,  Utrecht, 13 November 2013. [handout]

2013  *‘Microvariation and Syntactic theory. Keynote lecture, Workshop on the syntactic variation of Catalan and Spanish dialects. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 26-28 June 2013. [handout]

2013  Syntactic feature mapping to PF: Phonology for φ, prosody for discourse. Syntax UilOTS. Utrecht University, 6 May 2013.

2013  Phi features for syntax, edge features for prosody. Insights into the Syntax-PF interface. With Marc van Oostendorp. GLUEII Workshop on Complement(ation). Rome3 University, Rome, 29 April 2013. [handout]

2013  Parameterized v. A typology of Italian dialects. Workshop on Italian Dialects and Syntactic Theory. Leiden, 28 February 2013.

2012  Merging Probes and the locus of syntactic variation. MIT LingLunch, 25 October 2012. [handout]

2012  Subject clitics and person-driven auxiliary selection: two faces of the same coin. Yale Linguistic Colloquium. 22 October 2012.

2012  Abruzzese metaphony between phonology and the lexicon. Giornata di studi sui Dialetti abruzzesi. Arielli, 5 October 2012.

2012  *An external look at ergativity. Invited lecture. 1st Cambridge Comparative Syntax Workshop, Cambridge University, 18-19 May 2012.

2012  Chunk definition and PIC à la carte (with Tobias Scheer). Invited lecture. Workshop on Exploring the Interfaces 1: word structure, McGill University 6-8 May 2012.

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