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In press D'Alessandro, R., Natvig, D. & M. Putnam. Addressing challenges in formal research on moribund heritage languages: A path forward. Front. Psychol.

In press Andriani, L., Casalicchio, J., Ciconte, F.M., D'Alessandro, R., Frasson, A., Van Osch, B., Sorgini, L. & S. Terenghi. Documenting Italo-Romance minority languages in the Americas. Problems and tentative solutions. In: Nevins, A. & M. Cole (eds), Contemporary research in minority and diaspora languages of Europe, Language Science Press. [.pdf]

In press  D'Alessandro, R. Not everything is a theory. Theoretical Linguistics 47 (1-2) [.pdf]

In press D'Alessandro, R. Agreement. In Ledgeway, A. & M. Maiden, Handbook of Romance Linguistics. Cambridge University Press. [preprint]

2021 D'Alessandro, R . Syntactic change in contact: Romance. Annual Review of Linguistics 7(7): 309:328.[.pdf]

2021 Frasson, A., D'Alessandro, R & B. van Osch. Subject clitics in microcontact. A case study from heritage Friulian in Argentina and Brazil. Heritage Language Journal [.pdf]

Submitted D'Alessandro, R. A short history of Agree. In Grohman & Leivada (eds), Cambridge Handbook of Minimalism [1st draft]

2020  D'Alessandro, R. & Marc van Oostendorp. Magnetic Grammar. Linguistic Analysis 42, 3-4, 405-439. [full article]

2020  D'Alessandro, R. Agreement across the board: Topic agreement in Ripano. In Katharina Hartmann, Johannes Mursell and Peter W. Smith (eds), Agree to Agree: Agreement in the Minimalist Programme. Open Generative Syntax 4. Language Science Press. [.pdf]

2019  D'Alessandro, R. The achievements of Generative Grammar: a time chart and some reflections. Catalan Journal of Linguistics[pdf]

2019  Leivada, E., R. D'Alessandro & K. K. Grohmann. Eliciting Big Data From Small, Young, or Non-standard Languages: 10 Experimental Challenges. Front. Psychol. 10:313. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2019.00313

2019  D'Alessandro, R. & Luana Sorgini. Mə tε magnatə. Perifrasi modali in abruzzese orientale . Bollettino del Centro di studi filologici e linguistici siciliani. [.pdf]

2018  Van Oostendorp, M. & R. D'Alessandro. Metaphony as Magnetism. In Mirko Grimaldi, Rosangela Lai, Ludovico Franco, Benedetta Baldi (eds), Structuring Variation in Romance Linguistics and Beyond. John Benjamins. [1st draft]

2017  D'Alessandro, R. & M. van Oostendorp. On the diversity of linguistic data and the integration of the language sciences. Frontiers in Psychology 8:2002. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2017.02002

2017  D'Alessandro, R. When you have too many features: auxiliaries, agreement and clitics in Italian varieties. Glossa 2(1), 50. DOI:

2017  D'Alessandro, R. Come si mescolano le lingue? Lingue in contatto, prestiti, e lingua franca.  In Masini, F. & N. Grandi (eds), Tutto ciò che hai sempre voluto sapere sul linguaggio e sulle lingue. Caissa Italia Editore. [1st draft]

2017  D'Alessandro, R. & L. Migliori. Sui possessivi (enclitici) nelle varietà italo-romanze meridionali non estreme. In D'Alessandro, Iannàccaro, Passino & Thornton (eds), Di tutti i colori. Studi linguistici per Maria Grossmann [1st draft]

2016  D'Alessandro, R. & M. van Oostendorp. Abruzzese metaphony and the |A| eater. In: Francesc Torres-Tamarit, Kathrin Linke, and Marc van Oostendorp (eds), Approaches to metaphony in the languages of Italy. Berlin, Mouton de Gruyter. 2016. [1st draft]

2016  D'Alessandro, R. & D. Pescarini. Agreement restrictions and agreement oddities in Romance . In: Susann Fischer and Christoph Gabriel (eds), Manual of Grammatical interfaces in Romance. Berlin: De Gruyter. [1st draft] 

2016  D'Alessandro, R. & M. van Oostendorp. Prosody, phi-features and deixis in southern Italian: what vocatives can tell us on the architecture of language. Romance languages and Linguistic Theory 10. [1st draft]

2015  D'Alessandro, R. & C. Di Felice. The diachrony of Abruzzese complementation. Revue roumaine de Linguistique, 129-145. [final version]    

2015  D'Alessandro, R. Null Subject. In: Antonio Fábregas, Jaume Mateu and Michael Putnam (eds), Contemporary Linguistic Parameters. London: Bloomsbury Press. [1st draft]

2015  D'Alessandro, R. & T. Scheer. Modular PIC. Linguistic Inquiry 46:4, 593-624. [1st draft]

2014  D'Alessandro, R. Death and contact-induced rebirth of impersonal pronouns. A case study. In: Diego Pescarini and Andrea Calabrese (eds), Special Issue on The Diachrony of pronominal systems. Probus 26.2., 249-274. [1st draft]

2014  D'Alessandro, R. & M. van Oostendorp. La metafonia ariellese tra fonologia e lessico. In: Diego Pescarini and Diana Passino (eds), Quaderni Linguistici dell’ASIT. Studi sui dialetti dell’Abruzzo 17, 2014. 1-18. [1st draft] 

2014  D'Alessandro, R., C. Di Felice, I. Franco & A. Ledgeway. Approcci diversi alla dialettologia italiana contemporanea. In L’Italia Dialettale ID LXXV, Special Issue, 7-11. 2014.

2014  S. Lusini, D'Alessandro, R. & J. Rooryck. Phonetic aspects of polar questions in Sienese: an experimental approach. In: Johanneke Caspers, Yiya Chen, Willemijn Heeren, Jos Pacilly, Niels Schiller, and Ellen van Zanten (eds), Above and beyond the segments. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. 

2013  D'Alessandro, R. & T. Scheer. Phase-head marking. In: Hisao Tokizaki and Yoshi Dobashi (eds). Universal Syntax and Parametric Phonology. Linguistic Analysis 38:4, 305-330. 

Volumes/ Monographs


2018   D'Alessandro, R. & D. Pescarini (eds). Advances in Italian dialectology: Sketches of Italo-Romance grammars. Brill.

2017  D'Alessandro, R., I. Franco & A. Gallego (eds).The Verbal Domain. Oxford University Press.

2017  D'Alessandro, R., G. Iannàccaro, D. Passino & A. M. Thornton (eds) . Di tutti i colori. Studi linguistici per Maria Grossmann (web)

2014  D'Alessandro, R., C. Di Felice, I. Franco & A. Ledgeway (eds). Approcci diversi alla dialettologia italiana contemporanea. Special Issue of L’Italia Dialettale . ID LXXV. 

2010 D'Alessandro, R., A. Ledgeway & I. Roberts (eds) Syntactic variation. The dialects of Italy. Cambridge University Press. 

2008 D'Alessandro, R., S. Fischer & G.H. Hrafnbjargarson (eds). Agreement restrictions. Mouton de Gruyter. 

2007 D'Alessandro, R. Impersonal si constructions. Agreement and Interpretation. Mouton de Gruyter.

2005 D'Alessandro, R., M.-C. De Felicis, D. Passino & M. Traini (eds). ELI Passport junior, Italian learner’s Dictionary. ELI, European Language Institute.

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