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Upcoming talks

I am going to give a number of talks in January-March 2021:

13 January - Parametric Networks workshop, UAB Barcelona - invited talk

18 January - Federico II University of Naples - invited lecture

8 February - Discovering Linguistics - Linguistic Discovery at Ghent University - invited talk

10 February - Heritage Language Day at Insubria University - invited talk

16 February - Hamburg University Research Colloquium - invited talk

25 February - IGG46 workshop on Multilingualism - poster

12 March - Morphology and Syntax workshop at Chicago University - invited talk

16 March - Linguistic Seminar at Chinese University of Hong Kong - invited talk

24-26 March - Romance Grammar, context and contact workshop - invited talk

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New paper with Silvia Terenghi on the #monotonicitybias in language change. This paper presents some evidence that language change responds to what we call the "monotonicity bias" (see also Terenghi 2

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