Upcoming talks - 2021

13 January

Tackling change in contact: the microcontact perspective

Parametric Networks workshop, UAB Barcelona - invited talk

18 january

Invited seminar

Federico II University, Naples 

8 February

What microcontact can tell us about language

Discovering Linguistics, Linguistic Discoveries, Ghent University

10 February

Microcontact: exploring change in contact from the Italo-Romance heritage perspective

Heritage Languages and Multilingualism Day

16 February

Rethinking language change

Hamburg University

25 February

Poster "Structural vs typological similarity in microcontact: a view from heritage Italo-Romance" with Andriani, Frasson, Van Osch, Sorgini & Terenghi

IGG46 Workshop on Multilingualism

11 March

invited talk

From MC to ERC, Marie Curie Fellows association

24-26 March

Invited talk

Doing Romance Linguistics, Romance grammars, context and contact workshop, RGCC2021, Bristol University

7-8 September

Invited talk

Dialettologia ed etimologia. Metodologia e cantieri aperti, University of Lausanne

8-10 September

Invited talk

II Encuentro de Lingüística Formal en México (II Formal Linguistics Meeting in Mexico), University of Puebla

18-19 November

Invited talk

Workshop on Linguistic Variation at the Interfaces (VARINT2), Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona